Alyssa Gillbert
Alyssa Gillbert

Home planet:





Petty Gillbert (mother)

Victor Gillbert (father)

Anna Gillbert (sister)

Power and abilites

Hydrokinesis, Hydro-Cryokinesis, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Cryokinesis, Hydromancy, Mind Control, Water Mimicry, Ice and Snow Control/Manipulation, Condensation, change the color of cloth, create, control, and manipulate rain, Water Generation


  • Guardians of Nature/Power (Water Element)

Alyssa Gillbert (born: 8 February, 1995) is secondborn child by witch Petty Gillbert and Victor Gillbert mortal. She is the black ship in family and she never was responsible, every day she has another guy. Alex and Anna tries to save her from that dangerous boys, but they couldn't because she is like butterfly, she wanted her freedom, more then anything. She always hung out with the gang, and always wanted to be a major in house, but she couldn't because Alex, didn't allow her. Alyssa always get dangerous boys and never care about people opinion. When she become witch, she change she become obedient and responsible. She is the guardian of water, she always loves water, when she get her power she save the world and always wanted in new adventures with her brother and sister. She is big liar, and she is born in the garage.