Anna Gillbert
Anna Gillbert

Home planet:





Power and abilites

Geokinesis, Geogenism, Plant Control, Chlorokinesis, Telekinesis, create earthquakes, trenches, tremors, fissures, chlorokinetically control plants to glow at incredible speeds, communicate with the earth itself, Geomancy, communicate with plants and vegetation (via Green-Speaking), Earth Mimicry


Guardians of Nature, Earth element

Anna Gillbert (born: 21 September, 1994) is firstborn child by witch Petty Gillbert and Victor Gillbert mortal. She is the most most nicer, and most stylish in family, her life is fashion, she hate bugs and hate when people fallen her down. She is sometimes arrogant and very funny and very panic. When she find out that the her father has a mistress she wanted to kill her but Alex stop her. Her mission is to protect her Earth element and the other planets from evil. She is a competitive ice-skater and has won numerous medals for her skills displayed in the sport. She has a cat named Napoleon, and she love her the most in the world just like the fashion. She loves plant very much, and always she want to protected them from evil and save them.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.NEdit

Before she become Guardian, she was a ordinary girl who always with with her friends, and always live for fashion. She always wanted to be in charge just like Alex, but her mother didn't let her, because of that she was a piss of. She always loves to save the world and innocent everyday. But she always also wanted to have normal life without magic, to be with her friends and fighting with her sister Alyssa.

Life as G.U.A.R.D.I.A.NEdit

When she become Guardian, she loves the Earth, and help always people in trouble. Anna always loves to kill the demons, with her powers of geokinesis or telekinesis, to move them into the wall. Her power as growing and growing and she become successful in her job, and she always wanted to get her own Restourant. After sometime she's gonna open the her own Night Club (P4).


Anna, as the Guardian of Earth, she can control plants and their growth and structure and manipulate the earth and all related materials such as paper, wood, silt, minerals, crystal, gems, sand, mud, some foods like sugar and wheat, silicon, molten rock, etc.

  • Geokinesis
  • Geogenism
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Heal herself
  • Control plants, trees, grass and their growth and structure
  • Throw bolts of green energy
  • Manipulate the earth and all related materials such as paper, wood, silt, minerals, crystal, gems, sand, mud, etc.
  • Create earthquakes
  • Create drenches
  • Form avalanches and mudslides
  • Levitate and throw rocks
  • The ability of Green-Speaking
  • Communicate the location of vegetation
  • Manipulate metal
  • Use rocks as shields
  • Use material as armor
  • Teleport forms of earth-related materials
  • Heal wounds
  • Change from her normal self to her Guardian self without the wings and costume
  • Make metal soft and melt
  • Limited flight powers
  • Sense and visualise people
  • Sense vibrations of the earth
  • Travel underground
  • Drag or sink people under the ground